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Side chain type vinyl silicone oil IOTA272

    Side chain type vinyl silicone oil IOTA 272
    1. Vinyl silicone oil (Side-chain type) is the middle of the molecular chain with methyl vinyl polysiloxane.

    2. The molecular weight and vinyl content of the product free configuration

    3. This product have the methyl silicone oil’s common performance (such as: smoothness, limpness, bright, temperature and durability etc.
    4. Molecular chain has a good reactivity.can participate in a variety of chemical reactions, such as: addition reaction, free radical reactions etc.
    5. For containing vinyl, therefore, this product compared with silicone oil, and some material has better intermiscibility. 


    1. As macromolecules, high viscosity110-2 silicone rubber’s hardening agent and diluent before vulcanization..
    2. As some organic materials modifier, such as acryl resin, ethylene vinylacetate copolymer resin.
    3.For making high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber,and medium temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and silicone gel.
    When used as thinner the quantity of 10%-20%,when used as a modifier to add the quantity of 5%-10%,when used as silicone rubber the quantity of into the high-speed mixing or strong mixing or stirring devices into the system in order to ensure uniform dispersion.
    This material have chemistry’s lively, should not to mixed with impurities (especially the catalyst), when in use or compatibility of medicines, should be notice if have chemical reaction, prevent degeneration.
    Package and Transportation:
    1.This product should be stored airtight at room temperature in dry shade, not near the fire source, avoid sun exposure, avoid mixing of impurities (especially catalysts, acid substances), by non-dangerous goods storage and transportation.
    2. Packed with 200KG and 50KG polyethylene plastic barrel

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